Zombies and Cheerleaders 2012

Zed moves to a new school where a cheerleader falls in love with him - but the thing is, Zed is a zombie and needs to learn how to control himself to keep this relationship going.

Fired Up! 2009

2 Guys. 300 Girls. You Do the Math. The two most popular guys in high school decide to ditch football camp for cheerleader camp. For the girls and for the glory.

Bombs, Brits and Cheerleaders

Bombs, Brits and Cheerleaders is a 'fly on the wall' documentary that looks at the arrival of an American family in a UK RAF airbase. It follows Roy, Susan and Amber Yakkel and their struggle to embrace English culture in Suffolk. Over the course of the show the troubles the family have in settling into life in England are documented, including the hostility that the locals show towards the Americans in their village. It is currently being shown on Sky3 and is repeated several times during the week. This is the story about a family from Oklahoma who have been stationed on the UK’s largest RAF airbase, ‘Lakenheath’, home to the F15 fighter jet and 5,000 US citizens. Ron is a Lieutenant Colonel in the Air Force and is in charge of logistics and personnel for Africa operations. He thought about retiring and joining the Peace Corps until he was ordered to go to England. The programme observes how the family copes with life outside of the wire-circled frontier away from the sugar-coated, ideal American life with its Burger King, US currency, movie theatre and rod and gun club. Ron is happy to soak up the novelties of living in the English countryside but his life is not that affected by the change as he spends most of his day on the reassuring airbase. It is Susan, his wife, and Amber, his teenage daughter that really have to face the challenges of fitting in. This proves to be particularly hard as the locals show hostility to the very presence of the Americans in the village.